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A story about foraging your own path.


The Fox & The Pigeon was a project completed in 2019 at Sheridan College. Myself and 10 other co-directors were randomly selected from our cohort to come together to make this film. We managed to come together, bring our own unique skills to the project, and over the year create the above acclaimed Annie and Annecy award winning film.

I played a major part in pre-production (visual development and storyboarding) and was the head of the team in post-production, as well as assisting with 3D environment modelling and animation and project management.

The film is a seamless mix of 3D animated characters with additional traditionally animated elements, along with hand-painted gouache backgrounds. 

A story about feeling at peace with who you are.


The Fox & The Pigeon: Narrative Neighbours, was a film that was achieved with a group half the size of the original with the support of the YouTube Award from Annecy. 

This film was a passion project that we handled in our spare time outside of work the year after our graduation from Sheridan's Bachelor of Animation program. 

I again played a role in pre-production here, as well as taking over as the sole project manager, and continuing my responsibilities as the lead of post-production, including compositing the film solo - the montage scene posed quite a challenge!

Like its predecessor, this film is a combination of 3D- and 2D-artwork, as well as an amalgamation of many different artistic styles as the titular characters jump from storybook to storybook.

A story about isolation and inner turmoil.




The Submariner was my personal film project from my final year at Sheridan. It is animated using TVPaint, and the layout drawings were all planned using a model of a submarine I created in Maya, then traced over and added detail to by hand to give it a rustic hand-drawn line quality. 

Production of the film was interrupted in 2020 with the outbreak of Corona, and then due to the production of The Fox & The Pigeon: Narrative Neighbours. The subject matter covers a very bleak period on my emotional journey and is therefore difficult to return to after such a long hiatus, but, the film is still close to my heart, and I'm very pleased with how it was turning out. With all of the layout drawings already completed, perhaps I'll someday return to finish the animation and complete this project.

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